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Behind the Music: The Making of a Paul Reed Smith Guitar

| July 25, 2011

Latin-rock musician Carlos Santana … and jazz great Al Di Meola play different kinds of music. But they both use guitars from the same manufacturer: Paul Reed Smith. PAUL REED SMITH: “I started building guitars in wood shop in high school and in my brother’s bedroom and in my bedroom. And I would rent equipment.” Today, Paul Reed Smith builds his guitars at a factory in Maryland. PAUL REED SMITH: “We are selling a lot of these blue sunburst guitars … they are going very, very well for us.” His company, PRS Guitars, now has 260 employees. They have made 13000 guitars in the United States. Another 25000 guitars were manufactured in South Korea. The company opened in 1985. It had 40 million dollars in sales in 2010. Paul Reed Smith says he tries to make the best instruments possible. PAUL REED SMITH: “We have been asked the question a lot about what, why the guitars are different, and I’ve come to the conclusion [that] it’s a very complicated long list of attention, attention to detail.” That detail is clear in the built-to-order Private Stock guitar line. JACK HIGGINBOTHAM: “We have maple tops, we’ve got mahogany necks …” Jack Higginbotham is the president of PRS Guitars. JACK HIGGINBOTHAM: “Nice piece of mahogany. Nice ring to it.” PRS buys woods from around the world. Its guitars are known for their curly maple tops. JACK HIGGINBOTHAM: “And this is a pretty exceptional example of what will probably become a private stock guitar. What we’re about is just trying to …


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