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CBG Videos I can see from China

| August 19, 2011

  Since I can’t see most of the CBN submitted videos from China, I am going to keep a list of those that I can see… Maybe some day some one will tell me how they did it so I can promote that method.   Here’s my list (so far): 1.) All of Slowpaw Steve T’s videos, including Big Fat Yellow Cadillac 2.) All of Shane Wagstaff’s videos. 3.) All of Dogfinger Steve ‘s videos. 4.) All of Bluesheart’s videos. 5.) All of Doctor Steve’s videos. 6.) All of Dan Sleep’s videos. 7.) All of Roosterman’s videos 8.) Bone Digger Ben (earliest 2 videos) 9.) the anonymous pick 10.) zipo husband 11.) Jefferson Harris 12.) Jason Verhoosky   Macanudo Slim Sad Slide Blues   What’s interesting is most of these are from folks who live in the U.K. Wonder what video server provider they are using?   Stay tuned for more… (but don’t hold your breath) eos

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