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Cigar Box Guitar Amp Demo – Complete Song

| July 13, 2009

Here’s a Cigar Box Amplifier kit, with the guts of a Danelectro Fab Echo hacked into the circuit. More info at cloudyproject.com. I bought my kit from http for under $40. It arrived fast, and it was an easy build. What amazed me was – it ain’t really a toy. Sure, it’s fun to sit on the deck with friends and jam – the battery lasts & lasts (I’m still on my first one). But stick a good mic right in the speaker, and it sounds “big” – put a compressor on the track, double track it, use an overdrive or tremolo pedal, and you’ll get sounds worth keeping. (I can’t think of a better way to get that Beatles “revolution” sound – such as the first solo in this video). And slide just sounds HUGE with it. I can’t wait to stick a big ribbon mic on the thing. This is an entire song with every single guitar track recorded through the guitarfuel cigar box guitar amp, mic’d with a Sure 57 through an Apogee pre into protools. Drums are Digidesign Strike, Bass is a Fender USA P-90. Animation was done in Flash, and I also did the lead vocals, with my wife adding a harmony or two. Guitars were a Fender Strat, a Jay Turser Scirocco with a big block trem and Duncan Antiquity pickups, and a Teisco EP-8T hollowbody.


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