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Shane Speal
Shane Speal, the curator of the National Cigar Box Guitar Museum in York, PA will present a seminar on the history of cigar box guitars at the First Annual Cigar Box Guitar Festival , May 14-16 at General Butler State Resort Park in Carrolton. The entire National Cigar Box Guitar Museum collection will be on display… read more

Johnny Lowe
Johnny Lowebow is the stage name for John Lowe, musician and bookstore owner from Memphis TN who has become known for his unusual electric cigar box guitars called Lowebows….

Elliott and the Untouchables
From Columbia, SC, perform the “real deal”… authentic, vintage blues. From jumpin’ west coast swing numbers to burnin’ slow blues and nasty slide guitar workouts, the Untouchables’ repertoire is as diverse and powerful as the blues itself.

Jug Fusion
The wicked acoustic guitar sound on Jug Fusion’s “Jesus Is Comin’ Soon” oozes out like the first menacing trickles of water from a just-broken dam….

Jay Kirgis
Born in Tiffin, Ohio in 1959, I was first exposed to Motown, Soul, R & B, and the Blues when I was about seven years old (by Bradley at dh online) . After starting to play harmonica when I was twelve, and spending thirteen years unsuccessfully looking for people to play with who shared my interests and philosophies, in 1984 I finally gave up and began playing guitar myself and gigging as a solo act….

Doctor Oakroot
Hailing from central North Carolina – the home of the piedmont blues, Doctor Oakroot describes his music as “rough-edged songs from a dark place in the soul.” Some folks would call it blues, but Oakroot believes that many people have too narrow a definition of blues… and his music is anything but narrow.

CBG Festival
For the first time ever, international craftspeople, players, and lovers of the humble cigar box guitar gather together in Kentucky to celebrate this humble instrument with ancient roots….