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Doctor Oakroot

Hailing from central North Carolina – the home of the piedmont blues, Doctor Oakroot describes his music as “rough-edged songs from a dark place in the soul.” Some folks would call it blues, but Oakroot believes that many people have too narrow a definition of blues… and his music is anything but narrow.

“A song should tell a story,” says Oakroot, “and the guitar should support that story – not get in the way.” And that’s how his live music goes – he sings the story over a supporting guitar part… plain and simple.

Now Oakroot was born in a taxi with no brakes and he’s been rolling ever since. Is that story true? Oakroot insists that it is… and, born into a musical family, he picked up the ukulele at the age of 3, switched to guitar when he got big enough to hold it and never looked back. In addition to his nylon-string electric/acoustic guitar, he regularly uses both a resophonic guitar and a 12-string Turkish banjo known as a cumbus*.

The reason that Oakroot likes his resophonic guitar and his cumbus – both very loud acoustic instruments – so much becomes clear when you catch him at his favorite venue… out on the street. Oakroot began his career busking (playing on the street for tips) and still likes to do that from time to time. “I prefer to work close to my audience,” he says. “making a personal connection to the people.”

If you miss Oakroot on the street, you may have to settle for a personal connection with his recent CD release, Mythical Creature – a journey that starts with hopping the blind, ends with thoughts on why we fight with those we care about, and, in between, covers everything from love to death.

Press Quotes:

“[Oakroot’s] lyrics are intricate, deep, and literate, and his guitar work is superb, particularly his clean, on the money slide-work. His vocal work is emotionally compelling without any obvious attempt to emote.”
– Jim Graves, host, Free Flight, WFSS 91.1 FM

“Dr. Oakroot is a seasoned veteran of the road, where for many years he has been wowing fans with his charismatic stage performances and his mastery of the acoustic blues and resonator guitars.”
– Bobby Bensley, JavaMusic A&R

“Little is known about the mysterious Doctor Oakroot other than the fact that he’s been playing guitar for over 30 years and puts out a tremendous amount of first rate acoustic blues…”
– Fred Wheeler, President, MCR Records.

“[Oakroot’s] been playing guitar for 30 years and has developed a mean slide delivery”
– Chuck Waters, The Independent Weekly

“Dr Oakroot… clearly a crowd favorite…”
– John T. McCann, The Herald-Sun

“[Oakroot’s] adeptness of the music, and his flare for the catchy lyric shows through in every song. Certainly, he is the best at what he does. This is the best acoustic blues you are likely to find, anywhere.”
– Midnight Rider, bumpNgrind Radio

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