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Worldwide Guitars

Worldwide Guitars is a small business owned and operated by friends who have a life long passion for designing & creating musical instruments. Every instrument in our range has been either designed or built by WWG. We have a state of the art design studio where we start all our creations; from here we can send the design to our manufacturing partners or custom build in our own fully equipped workshops. Our goal is simple – to bring the dream of owning a well designed or hand crafted guitar into the hands of every musician.


Songs Inside The Box
A unique phenomenon that occurred when the primitive aspects of cigar box guitar making were combined with the use of modern technology like the Internet. Events like the Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza, at which performances in the documentary were recorded, came about because cigar box guitar enthusiasts came together through the Internet.

Handmade Music Clubhouse
This online community was founded by Ted Crocker who builds amazing stringed instruments and served as a content consultant for Songs Inside The Box. Handmade Music Clubhouse goes beyond cigar box guitars to include all sorts of fun homemade music. We’re creating cigar box guitars, washtub basses, diddley bows, ukes, banjos, canjos, kalimbas, mandolins, fiddles, dulcimers, stompers, drums, flutes and all types of instruments in our shops, garages and on kitchen tables using everyday objects. One day there’ll be a Handmade Music Clubhouse Orchestra…