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Greg Bennett Guitar

| August 25, 2011

DISCOUNT LINK WWW.AMAZON.COM Electric Guitars Greg Bennett Guitar The silhouette body on the ULTRAMATICTM, combined with the arch top, makes for a lightweight guitar that has tremendous performance capabilities. The arch top under the bridge adds mass and rigidity to the body. This technique insures that string energy is not absorbed into the body, which kills attack and sustain. The thin silhouette body reduces the weight significantly, making this guitar ideal for the stage performer. The extended top cutaway horn shifts the weight of the guitar away from the neck, making it incredibly comfortable to play.The double cutaway is designed so that the neck sits deep in the body on the bass side. This makes the neck more rigid and less likely to rob energy from the string.The alder body with the maple top creates that clean warmth, with bite and definition when you need it.


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