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Guitar Sustain and Wolf Tones

| July 24, 2011

Picking a guitar is no time for pussyfooting. . How to measure guitar sound duration, also known as sustain, objectively and repeatable. Find out if your guitar was worth the money. Check a master guitar before buying. Compare between different instruments. . Half computerized precise tone duration measurement. The method presented here is independent of the loudness or strenght of plucking. It does not matter if you pluck hard or softly. I tried to pluck as constantly as possible so that the loudness effects of resonance become visible on the diagram. But loudness calibration of sound pressure amplitude is not the topic of this video, nor is a constant loudness or constant plucking necessary for the sustain test presented here. This method is also applicable with pianos and harpsichords or other resonating instruments, eg bells and vibraphones. Not for organs, wind instruments. Violins or bowed string instruments which have arbitrary sustain capabilities must be pizzicato plucked but I did not try one yet. .. Please accept my apologies for the bad video quality and the simplistic editing. No ten horses can force me to do better.


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