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Guitar Tech Volume Pedal and Full Line Up Demo

| August 21, 2011

Alright My Boodies .. Last Demo from Guitar Tech Pedals!! Today we have the volume pedal to show you but i thought it would be nice to hook up all the Guitar Tech Pedals up today and run threw a few tones using them all .. www.jhs.co.uk so we have the :- Volume Pedal = A volume pedal with a difference, the Guitar Tech Active Volume Pedal provides a smooth, ergonomic foot operated volume control with the added advantage of Minimum and Maximum volume controls, for the guitarist to customise their own preferences. Using special noise-free MAG POT technology (which ensures there is no need for pedal maintenance due to pot wear) the Active Volume Pedal will also work as a volume boost for solo’s, or will increase the gain when on drive settings. Another nice touch is the dedicated output for a guitar tuner such as the GTE004 Dot Matrix, and of course the sturdy metal casing means it is built for punishment! www.jhs.co.uk Tuner = The Guitar Tech Dot Matrix Tuner is a true bypass chromatic pedal tuner, which is ideal for live use due to its easy to read large format led display. As you pluck a string, the note name appears on the display, and shows if sharp, flat or in-tune, accurate to within 2 cents, via a simple up/down arrow system. A further # display allows you to tune the notes chromatically. When engaged, the foot switch mutes the output, so your audience don’t have to listen to you tuning up, and because it’s true bypass there is no signal degradation. Built with a …


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