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Handmade Guitar Made From Junk

| July 12, 2011

This guitar i made in 1990 from junk and bits left over from other guitars i’ve made. It’s totally recycled, an experiment to build a really light guitar by making everything i could myself including the bridge, pickup etc. Obviously some things i couldn’t make like, machine heads, but even these i customised to fit the design. When i design a guitar i work it all out on paper. The most important thing to draw first is the scale length, which is the distance between the ‘top nut’ and the ‘bridge saddles’. This is the playing area and everything else around it is only there to help you play this section. I don’t think of it as 2 separate things, a body and neck, as these are designed around the scale length not the other way round. There is a way to calculate a complete scale length with top nut, bridge and all the fret positions without using any measurements at all, which i do with all my guitars, that way you can have a totally customised scale length. Incidentally, i’ve never come across any info’ anywhere on this technique of determining scale length. I learnt it from an old luthier many moons ago. I’ll make a separate vid on how to do this later, it’s very interesting. So on the paper i’ll have, centre line, bridge position, nut position, frets, also all the strings right up past the nut as these string lines will determine where to put the machineheads, pickups and fingerboard. Everything else to a certain extent will dictate itself for playability and comfort. All …


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