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Making Music – How to make a Baroque Guitar

| July 11, 2009

During the 25 years that Anton Wiegers has worked as an instrument-maker he has made almost 800 instruments, from ordinary study-guitars to baroque-guitars and lutes. Conservatories from all over Europe have found their way to his workshop. This documentary starts with pencil, paper and ruler and ends with the sound of a perfect copy of a Jean Voboam baroque guitar. Making Music is a series of 7 documentaries which take a closer look at the skills and crafts of makers and restorers of musical instruments. Duration 7 x 10 minutes. In this series we meet the baroque guitar maker, the flute maker, the drumkit maker, the fortepiano maker, the guitar maker, the saxophone restorer and the violin maker. Interested? please contact www.faunafilm.nl


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