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Neck Placement Question

| July 21, 2011

Hello, I just started to build my first CBG yesterday and after watching a bunch of different videos and reading some different plans I have a few questions about the placement of the neck for my next build.   Does it matter if the neck is touching the top of the box. I built a through body neck and I read somewhere that if the neck is touching the sound board it wont sound that good. The box I used had a lid that didn’t sit flush on top of the bottom part of the box, it was not as wide as the bottom and when closed sat flush in between the lower half, So I cut a hole in the middle of the bottom half of the box and ran the neck straight through that way, but since the neck is so far away from the top of the box the action is going to be really high. I apologize for not providing pictures as it is at my father in laws house drying from the polyurathne coat.   Basically I was wonder how people treat the neck and the soundboard of their boxes and weather or not they cut holes in the top and bottom of the box and allow the top to rest on the neck or if people take actions to prevent the top of the box from resting on the neck.   Thanks!

Original post:Neck Placement Question
Neck Placement Question

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