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New Tool Available: 4.75" Fret-end Bevel File!

| April 11, 2010

I am pleased to announce that my 4.75″ fret-end beveling file is now available at the C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply Web Store ! This tool is perfect for making your frets look professional, by quickly and easily filing the ends to a uniform 35-degree bevel. I have crafted this tool from beautiful red oak, simply finished with a light treatment of linseed oil, and it has been branded with my “G” trademark to let you know that it came from the C. B. Gitty Workshop. as needed should you wear out one side of it. All corners and edges of this to ol have been carefully smoothed and rounded, and I have routed two rounded grooves into either side to help improve the user’s grip. The smoothed and rounded file is held in place by two set screws, so it can be flipped or replaced Best of all, the cost for this tool is only $27.99 shipped to the US ($34.99 shipped international, so the price is CHEAPER than you can get StewMac’s plastic model for. Browse over the www.cbgitty.com today and check out this tool, along with all of the other great products I offer such as fret wire, fretting guides and piezos.

The rest is here:New Tool Available: 4.75" Fret-end Bevel File!

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