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Other Plans/Links

Other Plans

3-String Cigar Box Guitar

These are easy-to-follow plans that started the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution. Build a simple 3-string CBG using an empty box, a plank of wood (easily found at your local hardware store) some strings and tuners

How to build a 3 string Cigar Box Guitar

1910 Cigar Box Ukulele

From the article: “The one-string banjo, cigar box guitar and similar Vaudeville favorites are giving way to the tantalizing ukulele…” Oh yeah, baby! (Plans download in .jpg file) Download Plan

Dr. Oakroot’s Diddley Bow
OakrootDr Oakroot’s plans for a great Cigar Box Diddley Bow The diddley bow is a traditional one string instrument fundamental to the early blues. You can easily make a diddley bow using a cardboard cigar box, a guitar tuner, and a few other things. View Plan

For the largest known collection of free cigar box plans (including Cigar Box Banjo, Cigar Box Guitar and Cigar Box Fiddle), please visit CigarBoxNation.com

Other useful links

FretFind 2-D is a two dimensional fretboard design tool. FretFind 2-D doesn’t just calculate fret spacing. It models the entire fretboard, strings and frets, as a system of line segments on a two dimensional plane. Because of this approach, it can design fretboards for instruments with multiple scale lengths and non-parallel frets as well as fretboards for instruments that play just or meantone scales.

FretFind 2-D can be accessed through three frontends.

  • Bazookahosen – Danish band playing an inviting mix of genres. Songs to download – one of them featuring a homebuilt cookie tin guitar.
  • Dark Holler – underground music, The Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree, Jug Fusion, and more
  • Matty Baratto’s Cig-Fiddles – Check out Hollywood’s own cigar box guitar! Matty’s site is just a billboard for right now, but it has a great picture.
  • Oddmusic – One of the finest experimental musical instrument sites in the world
  • Salty Dog Blues Band – Australian Cigar Box Guitar & harp duo. Site has mp3’s and pix. Great Prim-Blues
  • The Key Strummers – A kids ukulele Indiana rural jazz band. Instruments include an electrified Terry Horvath cigar box uke.