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2011 Barault Selmer (Maple)

| August 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

This beautiful guitar was built by the renowned French luthier Jean Barault. Biréli Lagrène and Tchavolo Schmitt currently endorse Barault guitars. This guitar includes: Gorgeous laminate flamed maple back and sides A real pliage (the top is bent just like the older Selmers!) European spruce top 670mm scale 14 fret neck Flamed maple neck Body specs (15 7/8″ body, 3 3/4″ deep) Lacquered interior (just like the vintage Selmers) Barault’s own fancy closed tuners and tailpiece Fretboard extension The sound of this instrument is among the best Selmer copies being made today. It’s no wonder Biréli chose to endorse Barault guitars as they offer a very traditional Selmer sound but have the playability of an ultra smooth archtop. Tonally this instrument has a wonderful warmth to it that I rarely hear in the rosewood guitars. There is some high end sparkle, but generally the notes are thicker than your average Selmer copy. Reminds me of the thick tone Django had on his late 40s Rome sessions. The pliage is rather subtle on this guitar, very much like the highly coveted 500 series Selmers (played by Django, Stochelo, Fappy, etc.) If you like the warm tone of those players I think you will LOVE this guitar. Very satisfying…. Barault is one of the very few luthiers today actually making Selmer copies with a real pliage. He uses the method that Selmer did…the top is bent with a hot iron which creates a fold, or “pliage,” in the top just under the bridge. 99% of Selmer copies being …


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Bellucci guitars. Brazilian Rosewood B&S, Hauser braced Cedar top Concert guitar

| August 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Brazilian Rosewood B&S, Hauser braced Cedar top Concert guitar. 640mm, Mother of pearl inlay work on headplate, Macassar Ebony fingerboard and Brazilian Rosewood armrest. Mother of pearl details on bridge and violin tie. Maple bindings and luxury marquetry on all sides. Mother of pearl rosette with marquetry details on the inside. Gold plated carved tuners with pearl details on Ebony buttons. Hand crafted Leather embossed case included. Stunning! There are few endeavors in life that require the total and passionate dedication of a craftsman for over 300 hours. This amazing Cedar top is one of those instances where such a dedication is essential. It is a great labor of love and the resulting instrument a living testament to this love and passion. The attention to the myriad of details that make her a true masterpiece, the wonderful combination and perfect complementation of each one of the 12 species of wood used in making her, the amazing pearl inlay work throughout her body accompanied by a Celestial sound where each voice is in its place, where the Bass booms majestically and the trebles accompany to perfection, make her a dream come true for me the builder and for he or she who will own her. Easy to play action with a gentle radiused 640mm fingerboard make her a true Queen among Queens !


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