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Tag: metal

1 Year on YouTube! Guitars and Equipment

| August 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

The most random beginning of a video ever. Why? Because. And why are all the suggestions for this video of construction equipment? Argh. TheDelRe www.youtube.com Anways, this took a little long than expected, and it took me all day to edit this. But I’m done. 😀 So I hope you enjoy seeing my guitar and gear and shtuff, and yeah. I really don’t have too much to say! But thank you so much for supporting me! I’ve had such a fun year making covers, and I’m looking forward to many more! ^_^ I hope to remake one of my earlier covers soon, so that should be cool. If you guys have any questions about any of my gear, ask me in the comments! And don’t forget to tell me your opinion about this video, and also what I should do about the intro to my videos. 😀 OLD GORON CITY: www.youtube.com All Transitional Guitar Riffs composed by jam2995 Charvel So-Cal PRS SE Singlecut ESP LTD B-15 5 String Bass Ibanez RG7420 7 String Guitar Washburn Classical Electric Guild Acoustic Electric C104SCE Squier Mini Crate V18-212 M-Audio Keystation 49e iMac 27″ Desktop 3.06Ghz 8Gb RAM


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Make Metal With A DigiTech Pedal

| July 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

This is most definitely pro recording or quality… this is a song my friend had recorded on his pedal and i took each track and recorded them seperately using a mixer


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