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Me and my guitars

| July 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

The audio isn’t very good but bare with me and put the volume low. .Just me and my guitars. . I told myself I was going to start making video blogs so people can catch a feeling for my personality. .


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YGS – Fingerpicking 101 – eBook 2 – The Next Step – Beginner/Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Lesson

| July 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

This guitar lesson vid shows you how to begin fingerpicking like a pro! Watch as Erich shows you a few of his favorite techniques that will really thicken up your playing and add some drama to even the simplest chord progressions! This technique and the exercises here are presented in eBook 2 – The Next Step available now at www.yourguitarsage.com/ebook2.htm – so go check it out after the video! Go to www.yourguitarsage.com to find out how to get charts to 100s of songs, as well as info about my ebooks andonline instructional resources about charts, chords, strumming and the techniques that I use here in my videos! Since I’m so busy making new video tutorial lessons all the time and teaching guitar, I probably won’t have time to answer individual questions regarding guitar. My other videos cover beginner, advanced and intermediate levels. I teach rock, blues, country and just about any other style on electric or acoustic. If you can’t find your answer from the resources at the website above, keep digging into my vids, and I’m sure you will find your answer. Keep practicing!!! For more guitar lessons, see my other free tutorials. For original and cover music by me, Erich, go to www.myspace.com Of course you can follow me on Twitter!! twitter.com Like me on facebook — www.facebook.com Get the YourGuitarSage AppRats app for your Facebook page and never miss another video! apps.facebook.com


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Reason 4 Guitar Music 13 ("The Lost Concert Tape")

| July 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Propellerhead Reason 4 Guitar Music 13 (“The Lost Concert Tape”) So here’s a project that I’ve been fiddling with for several months (whilst making the other tracks). I wanted to make a track that had a live concert feel. The idea was to make it reminisce the 70’s. I wanted to create that good old ZZ-Top-ish sound. Almost if someone found a lost tape in the attic from that period, that no-one had ever heard of before. The music had to sound if it was played live on stage. I added some crowd responses to the track to make it more vibrant and stage-like. They ‘react’ to guitar bits played and are hooting and cheering along. The guitar stuff in this track was quite painstaking to complete. The amount of whammy bar bending, harmonics, volume swell and so on, are the most elaborate I’ve done so far. There’s a new guitar I made in there as well. It’s the one with the wah-wah sound. Available for free from my website very soon. Hope you guys will have as much fun with it as I did. Made with a MIDI keyboard and Propellhead’s Reason. No guitars were harmed 🙂 Soon to be professionally mastered and for sale along with my full album “No Strings Attached” on Itunes. www.tyberium.com! *Excellent rythmic guitar refill made available by Progtronic.*


Excerpt from:Reason 4 Guitar Music 13 ("The Lost Concert Tape")

How to Make a Homemade Electric Guitar : Leveling the Neck on an Electric Guitar

| January 20, 2008 | 0 Comments

Skilled craftsman and expert guitarist teaches how to level the neck and body when making your own solid body electric guitar in this free video guide to making musical instruments. Expert: Frank Pope Bio: Frank Pope, founder of FBI Guitars, been building guitars for more than 10 years and has constructed more than 30 finished products. Filmmaker: Charles Stewart Jr.


Link:How to Make a Homemade Electric Guitar : Leveling the Neck on an Electric Guitar