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Ziata Electric Guitar – Prototype (Part 2 of 2)

| August 24, 2011

Ziata Electric Guitar – Prototype Designed for use with high gain valve amplifiers, specially made to improve and enhance the tone of amplifier tubes. The guitar cleans up your sound while using more gain on your amplifier and creating more tone. Prototype ZG pickups: ZG pickups are a truely new sounding pickup making your guitar sound clear and tonal. Designed by George Ziatas and custom wound in the Ziata Guitars workshop. ZG pickups extract tone from where it should exist, in only the guitar and amp. ZG pickups open up the guitars voice creating the most superb live and recorded sound without effects. www.ziataguitars.com Link: www.ziataguitars.com info@ziataguitars.com Made in Australia No effects or EQ. The sound in this video is guitar & amp only.


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